Monday, December 13, 2010

My new "fast food"

Since time is always an issue, here are some of my new fast foods:

1. Eggs and egg whites

Cheap, lots of protein, and less than 5 min. to make. I like to make mine with salsa from a jar, for lots of flavor and some extra veggies, and virtually no effort.

2. Smoothies

Frozen fruit stays in the freezer so it's ready to use any time and doesn't rot. A bit of juice, a bit of protein powder, a bit of plain yogurt, and I have an awesome breakfast to go in 2 min.

3. Thai curry chicken breast/thighs

I buy a package of boneless skinless thighs or breasts, rub them with green Thai curry paste, and bake them. Then, I put them individually in freezer bags. Instant lunch to go.

4. Pre-washed greens

Instant salad. Goes well with the chicken.

5. Pre-washed and trimmed green beans

Love green beans but hate the work involved. I just found a perfect bag of green beans that was literally ready to cook with no prep.

6. Toppits/Dorot frozen herbs

Flash frozen cubes of garlic, ginger, chili peppers, basil or dill make it easy to add lots of flavor with no fat and no effort. If I drop a cube of garlic into strained yogurt in the morning, it's tzatziki by lunch.

7. Baby carrots

Instant veggies.

8. Pacific or Imagine boxed soups

Butternut squash or black bean soup in a cup, 1.5 min in the microwave and I've got a hot, nutritious snack/appetizer as soon as I get home from work.

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