Monday, April 11, 2011

Confirmation that I should go offline and kasher my kitchen

As a follow-up to this post, I had to share this gem:

To be honest JRK you're lying to me. F*** (editing mine, f-bomb in original) off bitch. Do I look like some dumb ass jury that you can run circles over with your law degree?

Go back to your kitchen. XD

From here.

Now, what was I saying about needing to edit out unproductive online stuff....?

Seriously, I find this both hilarious and pathetic. The back story is that I mistakenly thought I was having an intellectual discussion about whether the correct translation of the Hebrew word "almah" as used in Isaiah was "virgin" or "young woman", and I was refuting the assertion that premarital sex in the Hebrew Bible carried an automatic death sentence. I produced biblical quotes and asked for his sources to the contrary, he responded with all caps and then the lovely quote above. Yeah, MUCH more convincing than actual evidence or logic, right? Why not just write, "My masculinity is threatened by intelligent women, so I resort to swearing and sexist insults when a woman shows me I'm wrong"?

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